88-99 Z-71s

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    The 88-99 Z-71s sat about an inch higher then trucks that didn't have the package. How did the factory do this, did they just crank the torsion bars? I imagine they had a different spring rate, but how did they get the added hieght, front and rear?
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    If I remember correctly, my 1997 Z71 was different as it had the Bilstein heavy duty gas shocks and the suspension jounce jumpers. It also came with skid plates, which I don't think were standard on non-Z71 equipped models (thought worth mentioning, even though it does have anything to do with increasing height). Also, don't forget that the Z71 was only for 4 wheel drives back then as well, so that will have a bearing on height if you happen to be comparing to a 2wd model.

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