88 c1500 fuel line issue

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by chv666, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. chv666

    chv666 New Member

    can someone help me here is the story
    my truck runs on lpg now.. after building a new engine i want to put it back on petrol
    so heres my problem the person who converted it to lpg removed the fuel tank and most of the fuel lines
    i have bought a tank and pump and i will be running a holley carby instead of the tbi
    if any one can help i need to know how to run all the fuel lines from the tank to the carby including the return line and the breather ,,, any info would be greatly appreciated
  2. 92WT

    92WT New Member

    If you were planning on ditching the stock TBI setup (a mistake in my opinion) you shouldn't have gotten a stock in tank fuel pump since it runs about twice the pressure the carburetor will use. I could tell you how to put the TBI setup back together, but adding a carburetor without a complete new in tank pickup and mechanical fuel pump on the motor is beyond my experience. You will have to regulate the pressure to carburetor pressure and have the return working to bleed all the extra fuel back to the tank so the pump doesn't overheat.

    Dorman makes the 2 rear halves of the stock fuel feed and return lines, nobody makes the front halves that I know of. The fuel filter is on the frame in between the front and rear half of the pressure feed line with screw on connections on both ends, and the front and rear halves of the return line just screw together in the same spot with a male/female connection. The breather line just goes from the tank to the appropriately marked port on the charcoal canister as I recall.
  3. chv666

    chv666 New Member

    Thanks 92WT
    Unfortunatley its not my choice to remove the TBI as some butcher who previously owned the car did!!!
    I have successfully set everything up
    1.. i used a stock tank and pump
    2.. i ran 3/8 flexible fuel line for the feed and 5/16 for the return and breather
    3.. i bought a HOLLEY adjustable fuel regulator with a return bypass
    4.. that runs to a 750 holley with a fuel pressure gauge
    5.. fuel pressure is set at abou 6 to 6 1/2 psi
    6.. the dizzy was already changed so its not the one that runs with the TBI i think its the HEI model
    it runs great just abit rich so once i sort the right jets out it will be better

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