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  1. Belairien

    Belairien New Member

    I just recently bought an 88 s10 long bed, and because I like to know what I am dealing with, I did a google search on the one I have.

    My s10 is a regular cab long bed with a 2.8l v6, and a 5 speed manual transmission. According to my search, there was no such thing. Multiple sources said "Only the EL Regular Cab Short Bed 2WD and Extended Cab Short Bed 2WD got a standard five-speed manual transmission with overdrive. The other trims got the four-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. "
    Is this right? Was there special orders? Did they just have bad info to go on?

    Other than this, it seems like a good truck, a few small repairs. Also one slightly bigger fix. The previous owner tried to adjust the timing, and broke off a piece of a screwdriver in the cylinder while trying to find top dead center.
    The piston and valves in it are still good, no damage, and hasn't been started since that happened.
    I don't know much about mechanics, but even I know not screw around like he did. (No pun intended)

    Other question, How easy are the s10 trucks to work on?

    Also, there is only 70,000 original miles, and I paid only $425
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  2. Enkeiavalanche

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    My first truck was a 88 S-10 Blazer.. I loved that truck.. I had the 4.3 in it.. As for the 2.8 (which is a good motor) I think I can remember seeing them in the PU's there was also a 2.5 which was called the Iron Duke made by Isuzu A great motor..
  3. Revredneck

    Revredneck Rockstar 100 Posts

    If I recall correctly, the 2.8l with the 5 speed was common for 88's. I had an '87 with the 2.8 and auto, and it was a pretty good truck.
    Did you get the screwdriver piece out of the cylinder yet? If you have to remove the head, don't worry about it. It's not too bad a job. In any case, the two most troublesome parts of that engine are intake manifold gaskets (leak coolant into the oil) and the distributor o-ring (leaks oil down the back of the engine), both of which you will replace when you take the head off. I would suggest you find a manual for it, or find someone who knows how to work on it before you start tearing it down.
    I'd say for $425, if the body is good, you have done well.
    Good Luck and God Bless.
  4. Belairien

    Belairien New Member

    Well the engine is toast. body still worth it though.
    The guy I got the truck from said he looked in it with a small camera, like what doctors use to look inside you. But even the lowest quality camera with even a little light could have seen that the piston was cracked, and the sides of the cylinder were scored up. there was even a gouge in the head. Only way they could have done that was trying to turn it over with the screwdriver bit still in it.

    Even with the damage, the head is still good. Valves are good, and the gouge didn't crack anything, and was in a very thick part of the head.

    Body is good, other than some minor interior repairs, and a rear bumper.

    At least it was worth the money spent, I just nee to save for an engine now. Won't be too hard with my new job.
  5. RayVoy

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    If the engine only has 70,000, here is a good possibility that engine can be saved.

    You'll have to pull it, take it apart (or have a shop do it) and get the damaged cylinder re-sleeved.
    While it's apart, have them clean up anything that needs it, put it back together and re-install.

    Cheaper than a rebuilt and more reliable than a junker.
  6. Belairien

    Belairien New Member

    That's one of the things I'm looking into. But first I have to save the extra cash. Other than that, a local scrap yard has a running engine with a warranty for 800. I have time to make a well informed choice, since it will be a month or so of work to save up. But I made a commitment when I got the truck to get it running. And I won't give up.
    Maybe someday I will even put a 350 in it.
  7. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Good luck, have fun with it.
  8. Belairien

    Belairien New Member

    Thank you. I will.

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