88 Silverado, 4X4 low miles, pricing opinions?

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  1. Fly840

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    First time poster:

    I have the opportunity to purchase an 88 Silverado, 4X4, extended cab, long bed with 86,000 miles. It is in immaculate condition. It has a 350, motor is extremely clean. Interior is flawless. Electric locks and windows. Cloth seats. No blemishes. One owner, used to tow travel trailer. Always garaged and covered. Exterior has no dings or dents. Owner is/was meticulous.

    Firm price is 6000.00. Of course the book price is well below this but, I am not very familiar with how you go about deciding what is a fair price. I do not intend to dicker with the man, and I am only looking for incite on what might be the norm when looking at a vehicle of this age and condition. I will either buy it for that price or not.

    One of my concerns would be age in general. Will other things begin to "go" simply from non use? Thank you in advance for any opinions or suggestions.


    Current owner of 2001 Chevy Silverado Z71 160000 miles
  2. The Heater

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    Hi Fly:

    There is no benchmark for this situation. Seller is not negotiating. You either pay what he wants or walk away.

    I am 56 years old, have bought a few rides over the years. Some new, some used. Only one was such that I felt I HAD to have that one and paid the asking price. It was a big mistake, that is all I can tell you. Is this going to be your mistake? Don't know.

    When I want something real bad, I scour Auto Trader nation wide (I put in a search with no distance restriction for the listing), for months to get an idea of asking prices nation wide for what I want. It doesn't have to be owned by only one person. That does not by itself add value in my opinion. The mileage and condition do. If I cannot find a similar vehicle to one I am considering for a similar price (in other words all others are asking way less money), I do NOT buy the vehicle.

    You may be able to find another one somewhere else. Think for a moment about the cost of a one way plane ticket to go to another location to buy a truck and drive it back. This is a cost to factor in. You may in fact find that same truck somewhere else with 20,000 less miles, with a similar or even lower asking price.

    I have found over the years that no vehicle, no matter how rare, is the "only one" available. It may be the only one available now. But that does not mean I have to buy it if it is over priced. Another one always has come on the market, often better than that one I wanted to grab earlier.

    That is my two cents. :glasses:

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    Here is a counter point to what I just said that you might consider. Do your research into parts costs to get an average truck, good cosmetic condition, that year and model, in the same condition as the truck you are considering purchasing. How does it compare to what you would pay this seller for his truck? Keep in mind that a truck with 86,000 miles that is that many years old, even if it appears in mind condition, will have parts to replace and service needs simply due to its age.
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  3. ChevyFan

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    86k miles is crazy low! What's it look like?
  4. Fly840

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    Thanks for taking the time to reply Heater. All very good points. I will not rush in to this for sure. I have attached some pics for you and Steve.

    Bill 88 chevy 1.jpg 88 chevy3.jpg 88 chevy2.jpg
  5. ChromeSilver02

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    The way I see it, if you want an older truck like that, I would look around, but my first thought there cant be many trucks that look that good with low miles. Since it is in mint condition then its a "rare" truck in my mind so I can justify the higher price than the book. But of course with age there will be some age related issues. IMO if you want a older truck then I think its a decent deal, but if u dont care if you get a newer or older truck then that is something you will have to think about.
  6. TRPLXL2

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    I think that Is a hell of a steal! In Ohio they ask $6,000 for that body style, 200,000 ex-plow, landscaping truck, beat to hell and rotted out with a slight knock in the motor no joke! I have been trying to get ahold of an older CK like that for years, let me know where it's at and I'll cut the check today.

    PS- The owner must be a fanatic to cover his truck in doiley's!!! I wouldn't pass that up to be honest, I know I wouldn't. It's a CHERRY!

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Without question One Sharp and Clean Looking 1988" C/K Chevy Truck, but IMO that is only half of the truck.......Before I would pay the asking Price of......$6,000......and With all due Respect to the Owner, I would Want/Like to see some Maintenance Records on the truck......As we can see from the pictures, the owner has taken Great Care with a Appearance of the truck.....so I would hope/think that he has taken Great Care regarding the Maintenance part as Well and as mentioned above were talking about a.....23/24 year old truck, that will need some work done to it.........But knowing what has been Done to the Truck Maintenance Wise over the years will give you some insight, On how the other Half has Been Care For.
  8. Fly840

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    Thanks all, I will check on maintenance records. Someone else told me that as well. I would be shocked if this guy didn't have them. Thanks for all the info.

  9. BReeves

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    I would pay the preminum and did when I bought my last Caravan. Found an 05 with only 25k that is like it just rolled off the assembly line. It cost me 2k more than I could have bought a 100+k mile one for but to me it was well worth it. It was still quite a bit less than what I was seeing 09 and 10's going for with that mileage.

    I would guess you would need to go to at least an 05 truck to find one in that condition with that mileage, what would you have to pay for an 05?
  10. koolex11

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    When I buy a used car that is older, I always plan to put another $1000 into getting it in the shape I want. With the 7 used cars I have purchased, this rule has almost always been spot-on.

    A big question is what are you planning to do with the truck? Daily driver? Occasional use work truck? Towing? If the mileage is accurate, this truck has averaged 3700 miles per YEAR.

    The truck you are looking at is 23 years old, so regardless of the mileage, components are going to rot and weaken. I would prepare to dump $2000 into it. Tires alone might cost 6-800. Belts and hoses should be on the replace list, changing all fluids, radiator flush, tune-up, these things add up. Remember that many components are plastic, rubber, even cork, which definitely don't last forever. If you start putting serious miles on it, you will inevitably start to break things. Like everyone else is saying, maintenance records would help you determine what has already been replaced and what risks you are taking.

    If you can justify the potential costs in your head, then you won't be disappointed. Most likely you won't have to pay that much to fix it up, but at least you will be prepared mentally for the worst case scenario.

    Those are my 2 cents. Good luck!

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