89 Burb, Engine rebuild or crate motor????

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Ape, Apr 18, 2012.

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    The OP will still need to purchase an aftermarket 255lph fuel pump, and get his PROM flashed to take advantage of anything that isn't stock. With a GM crate motor, or a built motor -- he won't make the power numbers they claim if he's running a factory tuned PROM and using a stock fuel pump. The stock pump can _barely_ handle supplying 14 psi fuel pressure. The stock pump won't last long.

    Those are two things he's going to need, regardless of who he buys his crate motor from.
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    Yup, it's set up to record each week! I've been watching him since he had his last show (that I can't remember the name of now?).
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    Trucks. That was on Spike TV.
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    Was it trucks???? I was thinking it was something different? I guess my age is starting to show in my memory ability's! lol
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    Stacey David's show is "Gearz"
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    Yes. It is. He hosted a show called "Trucks" on Spike before he did Gearz. He left "Trucks" 8 or 9 years ago.

    TRIVIA!!! Who hosted "Trucks" with Stacey in the beginning?

    More trivia: how did Stacey get the job hosting "Trucks"?
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    Yup, that's right. Trucks stopped in 2005-ish with him as the host. I thought we were talking about current stuff. :D

    Still good stuff to watch on the weekend. Hot Rod TV, Xtreme 4x4, Gearz, Muscle Car

    I used to like "Two Guys Garage", but their format sucks now.

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    I can't remember the specifics exactly... but Mel Fair was the co-host.
    Stacey took a turn into television from his own shop in TN... I think it was called Rattlecan, or RattleTrap.. or something like that.
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    The guys from Two Guys Garage sound like they are recording the show early on a Saturday morning in the garage and trying not to wake up the kids. They are a bit dry and somewhat droney.

    Mel Fair IS correct. Stacey actually came to nashville to be a musician and worked as such for a long time. He answered an ad in the paper for the TV host thing. His company is called "Rattletrap Productions", which is who produces Gearz. So there you go! His shop is DEFINITELY not at his house.
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    Great info moogvo! I never knew all of that, other than he was a budding musician for a while.

    As for 2 guys garage......They are bringing in a new guy for this new season. And he's actually somewhat of a buddy of mine. For that matter, he's kind of a buddy to a lot of people here in the Denver Metro area. His real name is Steve, but he goes by Willie B. He's a local rock radio DJ and a big time Mopar nut. His last car gig was working for Pinks All Out. When they came to town here at Bandimere the first time, he became friends with Rich from Pinks and wound up working for him and the show for a while. So if you've ever watched the Pinks show you'll recognize who he is when the new season of 2 guys starts up.
    He's quite the personality, so maybe he'll be able to infuse some light to that show. Because I agree with you, the show is a bit hum drum and works off the same old format they started with when the older guys had the show way back when. It was more of a shade tree mechanic show back then, so the laid back quiet pace of the show fit. But these days it's almost like watching golf.....It starts making me sleepy! lol
  10. moogvo

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    Funny you mention that. It was originally called "Shade Tree Mechanic" when Dave Bowman and Sam Memolo (the old guys) started hosting it. It evolved over the years moving to a new set, being renamed "Crank and Chrome", and eventually re-invented into 2 Guys Garage. The final change came when the new younger guys started to host.

    Stacey is a good guy and I hope his show is around for a while. It's in season 7 now. I have been doing some work for him since last season. I hope he keeps me around for a while too! LOL!

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