89 burb oil sending unit

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    So my oil pressure guage has been pegged since I bought my suburban. Will kinda. Had to replace the instrument cluster because the PO didn't care for the truck and it seemed like the printed circuit board on the instrument cluster had been chewed through by a rat. But I have tested the gauge and even had a spare instrument cluster I tested and both are the same. Pegged out above 60. So I went and got the gauge style oil pressure sender and was ready to take my distributor off when I noticed that the one currently in that location didn't have the single point electrical connector. So upon further research I learned that the one by the distributor is for the ecm and the one for my gauge is by the oil filter. So I crawled under my vehicle and the only place it seems it would be has an 3/8 drive insert in it, just like the filler port on a diff.

    So the problem is I cannot find the orange/tan wire that goes to my sender. I can get the 30/90 degree adapter to fit the port, but then I will still be left without the placement of the wire. Unless I run a new wire to my instrument cluster I am at a loss. Anyone know where this wire runs from? Or if there is something I am missing?

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