89 Burb...sudden loss of fuel pump and loss of check engine light

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    I was backing out of the driveway to pick up a sofa, and suddenly the truck just quit. I started her back up ran for a second and died, now won't start. I know the fuel pump isn't working becuase when I turn the key to the run position I don't hear the system pressurizing.

    The other thing is the check engine light is GONE! :neutral: When I turn the key to the run position (without trying to start it) the seat belt light and warning buzzer come on, but the CEL doesn't illuminate...it is just eerily black....like nobody is home. :eek:uch:

    So is my computer fried? I assume the fuel pump is tied to the computer, I assume if the computer is dead, I woudln't even have limp mode right?

    ....man I only get a hundred miles at a time with this truck before the next thing goes wrong...that is why I LOVE IT!! :rofl: I always have a project!

    Any other ideas besides the computer?
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