'89 burban front end (axle)

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  1. I have a '89 suburban 4x4 that makes a horrible groaning noise in the front end. It gets louder or quieter depending on speed and load on the front wheels. It gets REALLY bad when I turn hard at slow speeds.
    I think it's either a bearing somewhere or the front axle u-joints. if more info would help let me know and I'll post more.
    My question is..... how do I tell what gear ratio and axle I have? I'm thinking of buying a used axle and putting that under there while I rebuild (or have rebuilt)this one... I'd like to keep it pretty much stock....
    Unless of course someone has a better idea for a stronger axle that won't break the bank.

    Also how do I tell if the gears in it are good? when I changed the fluid (and friction modifier)it all looked good and there was no metal in the gear oil.

    Thanks in advance people!!!
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    Just google GM VIN and you should be be able to come up with some breakdowns for your burban, you should also have a paper in the door jam that has a bunch of codes on it too, those will be more speciifc for your truck, like paint and axles and gears
  3. I found the axle ratio thanks to your advice. It is 3.42.
    Now I need more info on repairing the front axle. I plan on replacing the axle u-joints and everything outward and I think I have that covered. I need more on the inner workings.
    If I am to replace the pinion and carrier bearings and inner seals.... do I need to send it to a shop? I can get just about any puller and installer I need.... Just need to know what the process is. I would like to do most if not all of the work myself.
    Also how do I know 100% that the gears are good? I didn"t see anything scary when I was in there, but I'm not a gear expert....
    Thanks alot people.... I'll get this bugger fixed yet!

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