89 Silverado TBI Dual gas tank issue.

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by Crazze, Jun 15, 2012.

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    Typo: its an 87, not an 89.

    So I filled up the left (driver side) gas tank after I had been using the right tank, though not to empty. After I had filled up, I started the truck then switched to the left tank. Thats when the truck shut itself off. The fuel gauge shows a full tank, but it wont start on that tank. Could it be the sending unit? Or did I screw up the Fuel Injection by switching tanks while the engine was running?

    I have a feeling I wasted $60 filling up a tank I may have empty soon....

    Also, the left tank was not empty prior to filling it up. The original owner told me he had just replaced the fuel pumps on both tanks. He's a mechanic himself, so I trust he would have tested them, making sure they worked.
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    I would do the usual fuel pressure checks and work back from there. Do you hear the usual fuel pump whir or whine when first keyed on? Check fuses and relays and such. I do not know how your tanks are switched, is it a switch or valve that you actuate. I would not worry about damage to fuel injectors as I am sure you should be able to switch tanks while under way without problems. Are you able to switch back to the tank it was running on and be able to start and run?

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