90 k1500 a few issues

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by studibakre, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. studibakre

    studibakre New Member

    1990 k1500 v6 base model manual tranny
    my speedometer and heater fan quit working. they seem related as they quit together and occasionally will kick back on together. unknown if related is the 4low still works, but the 4high doesn't, and the indicator light doesn't work. everything else is working like always. horn and turn signal disengage and high beam switch i left out when changing the ignition, cab light is always on so i have to pop the bulb, but those are old issues i just live with. oh and the battery gauge always reads high red but it checked out right with a volt meter so that seems the gauge is just bad.
    i've checked the heater control fuse, so i think it may be a bad ground somewhere as they just quit randomly while driving.
    does anyone have any idea where that ground would be located? or any other ideas what could be wrong?
    it has had a few issues since it is a 90 in ohio but i love my truck too much to see it go to junk, had is since high school (ten years now).
    thanks for any help.
  2. Countrypride95

    Countrypride95 New Member

    Im thinking that you may have a short in some wires somewhere. Or it can also be a bad ground. I used to have an 03 F150 that had some shorts in the steering column which made my blinkers only work when they felt good and ready too. lol. Maybe thats the same problem with your speedo and heater fan. Does your AC still come on? Also check your leads going to the heater fan. If i remeber correctly (i could be wrong) the Heater Fan is located right beneath the passenger side dash. You can also take the clove box linner (only 4 screws) out to get a better look at your wires.

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    And about your interior lights, check the door open sensors. They could be stuck in the on position causing your bulbs to have constant power.
  3. James4012

    James4012 Member

    Both the power and ground on the blower motor are visable from the passenger side floor board, no reason to pull the glove box. They just plug onto it. Might have came loose *happened to me before* Couldn't tell you much about the speedometer. Those are always a luxury for me so don't know much about em. For the 4x4 issues. Is it a stick shift, or electronic 4x4? Either way, my 90 K1500 wouldn't lock the front end down when I got it. Turned out to be the actuator on the front drive shaft right next to the differential.
  4. studibakre

    studibakre New Member

    Thanks for the advice, I actually figured it out. The ignition was stripped, so I put in a push button. The ignition actuator switch (that the push rod pushes on the bottom of the steering column) had melted by the orange wire. That wire ended up powering the 4x4 actuator, the 4x4 lights, the speedometer, the fan, and the "dummy" shift light. After putting in the push button the wire had power to it and now everything works fantastic. (Well for a rusted out 90 chevy).

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