90 K1500 clutch job

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by chevyracingss, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. chevyracingss

    chevyracingss New Member

    Just replaced the clutch in 90 k1500 and now the clutch fork is binding. I had to get a new clutch fork from autozone ($50) because the old one was cracked severely at the pivot ball. the new throwout bearing that came with the clutch kit didn't seem to fit the new fork as tigh as the old one, but used it anyway due to the lack of funds, got it all back together and now the clutch won't disengage. I bled the clutch system and double checked the operation of all components. Everything checks out, and now, I can't even manuever the fork with a prybar through the inspection hole. Any advice or know how of what to look for when i take it apart in two weeks??
  2. chevyracingss

    chevyracingss New Member

    Just an update. After the longest two weeks ever (more like 3 months) I finally got it fixed. The problem was that Autozone sold me the wrong clutch fork. I ended up replaceing it with an ACDelco from Rock Auto.

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