90s vs 00s throttlebody/gas milage

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by badfish, Sep 29, 2009.

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    i was talkin at work about how i cant wait to get rid of the current family car (ugly minivan in desgise aztek) and get a suburban i can fit kids groceries and subwoofers into, and how i like the barn door style maybe a 99. somebody told me the 1990s throttlebodies were junk and a difference of a couple of years means 7 or more mpgs(in his parents trucks). very few people iwork with i believe any more than i could throw them, your opinions would prob mean a whole lot more.....
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    Just my opinion, but Suburbans should never be bought for thier mpg's. Typically they get 10-12 and I suppose you might find someone who can coax 15mpg out of one. I don't know of any burb that offers a 7mpg difference.

    Throttle body injection (TBI) is a big improvement over the carburetted versions of earlier years, but again I don't recommend buying a burb with the idea that a few mpgs will not bust your transportation budget.

    A burb weighs in at over 5000lbs and is as aerodynamic as a brick. If you want a burb and need the best mileage, be sure to get 2wd, and keep the tires inflated to their max spec. 2wd saves about 300lbs and keeping the tire pressure up will reduce the rolling resistance.

    Better to buy a burb with the idea that it gets better Miles Per Passenger. A burb with 8 passengers will get comparable MPP of most small cars. A small car carrying 4 at 20mpg would get the same MPP as a burb hauling 8 getting 10mpg. And their is no way a Kia Rio can haul a 4x8 sheet of plywood.

    If there is a choice of 90's burbs I would pick 96 or newer for the OBDII diagnostics. This can be a big help troubleshooting mechanical woes. I like your choice of the 99 because the body is a bit nicer looking. Hunt around for one with low miles. Lots of them were bought for recreational use as tow vehicles.
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    im not too worried about mpg, i just want room for family and my speakers, and four wheel drive(winters can suck here). i had a ranger that got 15 miles downhill on a 35 mile trip to work. im only 6 miles away now and i like the looks,options, and improvments i could have on a burb. i just didnt like the way that kid said junk and thought id check with inteligent people
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    First off a suburban with good care and an owner with know how, can get 20mpg. As far as the 92-99 style suburban, the TBI will get better gas mileage in my experiance. I own a 99 which has the Vortec 350 and while it has decent power the MPG is lagin behind both of the TBI 350 suburbans my parents had. It seems that when they made the switch to the Vortec motor, adding or upgrading anything didnt get you the gains that the lower tech TBI motor would get. The Vortecs seem to react badly to higher grade plugs, while the TBI motor after I gave it new plugs, wires and much better distributer got almow a 4mpg bump. We took a family vacation in August one year from MN to Texas and with a 42 gallon tank we didnt stop at a gas station until we got to Denton, Texas(950mi)thats over 22mpg. This was at 75 MPH with 5 people a 4WD suburban and the AC on. My suburban can only max at 18 MPG on a straight highway shot. I have upgraded the air intake, exhaust and a programmer and still only get 14MPG combined, while not bad, the old TBI puts it to shame.
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