91 c1500 rear?

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  1. 613werley

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    hello everyone. i'm looking to put a posi in my truck . its 10 bolt with 30 spline axles. i would like to not have to buy a new one. so i was wondering if any body would know what different vehicles i would be able to get one from. like what years would fit. mine is a 91 c1500. any help would be appreciated.
  2. dipstick

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    I think that is a option...who ever wanted one. Yours two wheel drive?
    Anywhere from lets say 87 to 00.. will work.
  3. wkendmech

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    Why go with a positraction? I'm assuming that you have 2WD. Do what I did: get an Eaton electric rear end. I think it's better than any posi. You have a button on the dash that electrically engages, locks, both rear axels together to form one mechanically connected axel. Now if one rear wheel is off the ground, the other rear wheel will still have 100% traction. Once your done with getting out of a jam, you push the button again and the rear axels unlock.

    The advantage to this set up is that if your on a slope and both rear wheels start spinning and your truck starts sliding sideways, you can disengage the lock and safely use one wheel to gain forward movement while the non-spining wheel holds the truck steady. This will help prevent you from sliding off the road. With posi you don't have this choice: you're always going to slide when both wheel start spinning.

    I'm new to this forum so I may have submitted a duplicate reply to wherevever on this forum.

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