91 S-10 truck wont start.

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by dazmolek, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. dazmolek

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a 1991 chevy s-10 4x4. It has a 4.3L tbi. Recently was driving down the highway and started to cut out on me while driving. I could get up to 40 mph if I didnt use a lot of throttle but as soon as i would give it more than an 1/8 of the gas pedal it would start cutting out again. Limped it back to my house and parked it. A few hours later i went to start it and all it did was turn over and over again and finally started but sounded like it didnt really want too. Parked it for the week until i had time to look at it and now it wont start. Just turns over and over again and wont fire. Fuel pumps working and im getting fuel to both the injectors. Replaced plugs, cap and rotor but did not replace the wires and I am also getting spark to the plugs. I even poured some gas down the butterflies which would have given it more than enough fuel to ignite and fire but still turned over and over again. So, im stumped! Plz help if you have any ideas. Thanks for your input!

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    also thought it may have been flooded so it sat in my shop for over 12 hours and still does the same thing... just turns over and over
  2. Josh

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    sounds like my 89 s10 i got rid of. i didnt know on mine a quarter tank was really empty. so you were driving along and it suddenly did it or was a slight to severe. did you notice anything prior. usually spark and fuel means go. are you getting spark to all plugs. maybe your ignition module is gone south i read somewhere on one of my escapades a code 42 was est witch for short a bad module. they i believe control spark timing when cranking if i remember correctly if its not working right it could be sparking halfass or cutting in and out during cranking. how did it run during an idle. rough or smooth.replaced my ign module today on my 94 1500. like a whole new truck.
  3. dazmolek

    dazmolek New Member

    well during an idle it ran fine. Its weird because it has been a very dependable s-10 for many years and with general maintenance it has always ran fine. The only thing is that for the past few years when it would hit between 33-38 mph or so it would start to jerk a bit and when u would let off the gas and get back into it, it would come out of it. its weird because it just happened all of a sudden when i was driving it. It started jerking bad and couldnt pick up speed unless u took it slow with very light throttle. Then when I parked it and tried to start it again it turned over and over again until it finally started, which it really didnt want to. I pulled a plug off both sides of the block and checked for spark and it seemed to have good spark, atleast enough to start the truck. Im starting to think that it might of skipped a tooth and might be out of time,.. but not sure. Its a stumper! haha. Im also considering that it might be just getting tired and needs to be put to rest...
  4. Josh

    Josh Member 100 Posts

    true theve been good ol trucks for years. if its a throttle problem see if your egr is screwed up. pull the hose off it and plug it with something. its worth a try. its caused me surging, pinging, dying severe rpm drop and stalling and surging at highway speeds and the other day a really loud backfire like a reaaaaaaly loud one right next to one of them we buy gold sign holders. scared the hell outta him.
  5. BMason

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    Timing check is a great place to start. Ignition coil or module could also be at fault, even though spark looks good out of the cylinder it may bee too weak to ignite under compression.

    Good Luck
  6. dazmolek

    dazmolek New Member

    hahahaha.. thats funny. well thanks for your input and i will keep you posted if i figure something out. Thanks!
  7. wis bang

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    My 2.8 [88 longbed S10] acted like this when the cat plugged up...
  8. dazmolek

    dazmolek New Member

    It was a combination between the ignition module and the coil. Starts up and runs better than it has for years and also got rid of the studder at 35-40 mph. Thanks for all you input everyone.
  9. Josh

    Josh Member 100 Posts

    good to hear you got it goin agian. sometimes just some of the simplest things cause issues. im sure a new set of plugs and a cap rotor and wires would make it run real well. if you had a weak spark for so long your plugs might be nasty. just a thought.

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