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91 S10 Blazer Lighting/Electrical Issues

Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by jenkznza, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. jenkznza

    jenkznza New Member

    My 91 S10 Blazer is possessed. First the gauge lights would flash if you turned on the right hand indicator and if you turn the head lights on the right indicator would turn on but stay solid. Then tonight turning the headlights on had no impact on the right hand indicator, but if you turned on the right hand indicator both the left and right would flash like hazard lights. I have no idea what to think.

    Any thoughts?
  2. RayVoy

    RayVoy Well-Known Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    Sounds like the kind of problems some people have with the lights on a trailer when the ground is bad.

    Check the front sheet metal grounds, they could be open (broken ground strap), or the connection could be dirty. Check the ground cable of the battery (both ends).

    Without being there and without meter readings, I'd have to say it is a ground problem.
  3. jenkznza

    jenkznza New Member

    I've gone over the grounds and they are tight. I wonder if I might have a bad switch somewhere in the mix.
  4. RayVoy

    RayVoy Well-Known Member 2 Years 1000 Posts

    Usually when a switch fails, it will not turn on the circuit, or it won't turn off the circuit.

    One possibility is the flasher unit, but it would not effect the headlights.

    The other thing might be the multi-function switch in the steering column (it at least operates the heads and the sigs).
  5. jenkznza

    jenkznza New Member

    I"m going to pick one up in the morning. My steering column is lose anyway so I might was well fix it and replace everything along the way.
  6. BurbanMan

    BurbanMan Member 1 Year 500 Posts

    I'm willing to bet that the loose cOlumn is what is causing the issue. I had the same problem with my 87. What happened with mine it the column pinched a couple wires as it wobbled when turning or adjusting the tilt. That's a pretty common issue as far as I can tell. Eventually the steering wheel falls off in your lap/hands... Don't ask how I know this lol
  7. jenkznza

    jenkznza New Member

    Ya that'll be fixed on Saturday. I had to order a pivot pin removal tool. I tried the old screw and socket trick, but it didn't work.
  8. BurbanMan

    BurbanMan Member 1 Year 500 Posts

    can you not screw a spark plug in to it?
  9. jenkznza

    jenkznza New Member

    How does that work?
  10. BurbanMan

    BurbanMan Member 1 Year 500 Posts

    its been about 6 years since I worked on a GM column, but I remember taking the tip off a spark plug and screwing it in to one of the parts on the column. That's why I was asking. I can't remember! Lol

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