92-99 suburban rear seat (third row seating)

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  1. notpilbrisk

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    hey guys i drive a 1992 suburban. i bought it without rear seats. just curious if any back seats from 92-99 would fit with the same bolt pattern or do i have to find ones from a 92-94? anybody with information on this topic is greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.
  2. justcuz

    justcuz Rockstar

    I am fairly sure the seats from 92 to 99 are interchangeable. I've got a 93 and had a 99 and the seat mounts looked the same.
  3. Gryphon

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    The seat itself should be fine, it's getting the seatbelt connections correct that can be a nightmare.

    I did the same thing and found a seat, I put it in, then found it did not come with the bottom shoulder belt clips for the outboard seats. I scrounged for those things for a year. I finally found one side through my dealership parts guys. I paid out the 80 bucks for it (they waived some idiotic special-order fee for me!) and I was thrilled when I plugged it right into the shoulder belt...then found it would not match to the seat!!! Not knowing what year the seat was, I couldnt match it up and I was stuck with an 80 dollar part.

    So, it was off to Lowes! I had to haul the seat into the store, but I got the bolts I needed and matched everything up for under 10 bucks. Works great now! I went and ordered another of the same side part...I finally did find the other side, but it was 40 bucks more!...I used the same part on the other side and it worked great. There was a tab on one and not on the other that I didnt need on my seat.

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