92 C1500 Bogging Down and Stalling

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by zsr, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Hi All,

    My truck has been running a little odd recently. It started about two months ago it would randomly bog down while driving, rev'ing it up would get rid of the 'stutter'. Then about a month ago it got worse and pressing on the gas peddle wouldn't help. It would just die and then I could usually get it started back up. Finally it died once and I couldn't get it started. Diagnosed it as the fuel pump which was changed two weeks ago. It ran very well (better than it had for a while) for a week. Then a week ago it started to do the same thing as before (I think coincidentally right after hooking the tail lights back up) , except it was worse than before. Next tried the Plugs & Plug Wires nothing new. After that changed the Distributor Cap and Rotor. Then changed the fuel pump again (dead out of the box...) took it back to Oreily's thinking its not the fuel pump so put the newer-old pump back in. was running just like before. Then changed the Fuel Pressure Regulator. Ran fine for quite a while, better than fine to be honest. Then, we put the bed back on, and the damn thing quit working again. It idles well then put it in gear and bogs down. One thing I forgot to mention, after it dies it has trouble starting; pressing on the brakes and/or turning the lights on will increase the likelihood of it bogging down. I have no clue, and no one I know can think of any thing. We think it's fuel system related not ignition related but as I said we're all at a loss. We checked the vacuum booster and don't think it's the fuel injectors.

    Thanks to anyone who can think of anything we missed,


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