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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by knexster, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. knexster

    knexster New Member

    Here are a few things I would like to do with my 92 Chevy Cheyenne truck.

    1. Replace the rusted out floor panels (the drivers side has a growing hole that I can see the ground through)
    2012-02-24_11-52-17_317.jpg 2012-02-24_11-52-58_527.jpg
    2. Install a stereo, it came with absolutely no hookups, I need to know what vehicles i can pull compatible wiring from.
    I plan to place the radio in the compartment below the are vents
    3. Fix the doors- Should I just get all new doors?? see a-d
    a. neither passenger or drivers side door shuts completely as the doors need to be lifted slightly to close. This requires slamming the
    to shut it each time which leads me to problem B.
    b. When slamming the door the side mirrors are jolted out of place. Although fixing A. will improve this I want to replace them entirely.
    c. The handle on the drivers side is broke and the passenger side is barely holding on. By broke I mean the cheap plastic broke and the
    handle just kinda hangs there.
    d. The drivers side window is inoperable and the passenger one squeeks horridly when rolling up or down.
    4. Replace the glove box door as it has broke off and dangles by the wires if you open it. Looks like i may just need to replace the trimming peice around the fans. Need to know what trucks to look for it in.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated. I really need to know what years/models I can pull from.
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  2. Scott_Anderson

    Scott_Anderson Rockstar 100 Posts

    You are more likely to find radio install "mounting kits" more readily if you install the radio in the hole above the heater/ac controller.(where the factory radio is placed)
    Not to mention that placing it where you suggest under the vents makes it more of a driving hazard for you to adjust it while moving.(farther reach, and harder to see)
    Your door closing issues are more than likely to the hinge pins and bushings beeing worn out.
    You probably need some new window acutaor mechanisms for inside the doors.

    As far as what year/model to look for? I'd start with '92, maybe 1 year either way '91-'93 but don't hold me to it.
  3. Boonduff

    Boonduff Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    Check out LMC Truck for new parts. In a salvage yard any 88-93 truck should have the parts you need.
  4. knexster

    knexster New Member

    the stereo I have to put in is actually to wide to fit there. safety is covered though as silly as it sounds it has a remote lol.

    I looked on lmctruck thats an amazing site!
  5. ahmitchell1

    ahmitchell1 Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    X2 from lmc there good people. They need to be giving me gift cards for the amount of money I've given them
  6. knexster

    knexster New Member

    Update: Working on changing the hinge pins- someone made a small spot weld on the top hinge pin on the drivers side so i need to file it down. Also discovered that I dont need a whole door, that's expensive lol. Im going to look at buying a new inside paneling piece in order to fix my broken door handle and also fix the lock/unlock button as the medal connector falls out of the button. The outer trimming piece should be fine. The window I will be purchasing a crank for. The inside window track has, however, become seperated from the door itself making it difficult to properly roll the window up and down. Any suggestions other than welding in order to fasten this back to the door?

    Radio: I was at the salvage yard and found a 94 1500 to pull from, got the radio disconnected and followed the wires around to another box which i pulled and led to more wiring to the main wiring harness going across the dash. While attempting to cut the tape off the wire loom i managed to slice my finger open pretty good (if you have seen my locked door thread you already know i am clumsy). With my finger bleeding all over the place my friend and I just put the radio and such back and hurried out. Bandaging my finger up with a shop paper towel and a towing strap tied around my finger we went home to my disgruntled wife who scolded me for our unsanitary bandaging job.

    When I manage to get a whole radio out I will provide a tutorial on hooking it up (if i am successful :D)

    Starting a new thread about my speedometer...
  7. rileyjr16

    rileyjr16 Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Sounds like you have ALOT of work ahead of you. I had a 97 Cheyenne and I loved it and miss it. I'd love to find another one in need of some work one day like a 95 or so. Oh x2 on lmctruck.com as I have ordered my fair share of parts from them when I had my Cheyenne.

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