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    Ok I have a 1992 base model gmc single cab long box 5.7 5-speed, manual everything except the wipers :p I have another 1992 5.7 5--speed Gmc ext cab short box that I bought wrecked. The ext cab had cruise and power everything, so I pulled off the cruise control box off of the ext cab and I want to hook it up on my single cab. I was wondering what wires do what It has two rows; top row next to the locking clip on the plug-in. top left pink with black stripe, empty, empty, empty, red with white stripe. Bottom Row: bottom left: bllack kwith white stripe, brown, green, blue, light gray. Since my truck doesn't have any of the stock wiring for cruise control I'll have to wire it up custom. So my guess is that one wire is a power in, then a wire to the on off swtich and and one for the set button, I was thinking about using a off-on-toggle then a push button for the set... but I need to know what safety switches are closed normally and which ones are open then I can bypass them and hook the cruise up. I know that they are meant to help keep me safe but I am not completely redoing the wiring iin my truck I just want to run a power in and then my off-on-toggle and a push button for the set function and then bypass the other stuff.... If you can't help don't tell me why it won't work."edit" So I noticed that the pins are lettered so I'll state the pin letter and then the wire color. A- Gray B-Blue C-Green D-Brown E- Black/White stripe F-Pink/Black stripe G-empty H-empty I-empty K-Red/white stripe What wire performs what function?Thanks in advanceDustin
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