92 K1500 305 hard start

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by MY T FAST, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. MY T FAST

    MY T FAST New Member

    bought my truck 4ish months ago and its done this since i bought it...
    when its cold, i gotta crank it for 8-10 seconds before it fires. every time. but it always fires up. every time (knock on wood)
    when its hot, sometimes it'll crank and crank and not fire at all, other times it'll fire right up.

    i'm pretty sure its fuel related but i'm not sure what to do, and here's why:

    once it does fire up, it'll idle smooth as glass all day long at ~700rpm, and it pulls REAL strong all the way thru the powerband, clear up to 5200ish. so i don't think its the fuel pump.

    here's what i've replaced so far to no avail:
    starter (was on its way out and needed one anyhow)
    ign module
    fuel filter
    oil pressure/fuel pump relay

    i think a fp test is in order, where do i attach the gauge to a 92 tbi 305?
    205k runs flawlessly, (uses quite a bit of oil tho), with no other issues to speak of.

    just point me in the right direction please.
    thanks in advance.
  2. murdog94

    murdog94 Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    Ok for a FP test you need to go before the fuel filter and there should be a T fitting that will allow you to attatch the FP tester, and hook it back up to the filter. You will want at least 12PSI, if you are under that then you will want to get a new Fuel pump. I know it sounds odd but there have been a lot of people myself included that had a bad Fuel pump that didnt seem bad. Also with that many miles i would consider a TBI rebuild kit. Which includes a Fuel Pressure Regulator, and related gaskets. And clean the TBI up really well while you are in there.
    Also when was the last time it has a full tune up???
  3. MY T FAST

    MY T FAST New Member

    i bought a fp regulator, just haven't had a chance to put it on yet. all signs are pointing to a fuel problem, and i'm not calling you a liar lol, but its just so strange how there are NO problems with the drivability/idle/power other than the start?!?!

    all the 'fire' side stuff was replaced within a month ago, so i would call that the 'tune up' stuff. i'll try the fp test next weekend before i put in the new regulator and report back. thanks again, Sir, for your help. this is literally the only problem with this truck (knock on wood) and its driving me nuts.

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