92 Sub...voltmeter problem and burnt wire...help please!

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    Hello everyone,

    I know its been a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnggggg time since I've been on here, and I have used the "search" box for my problem and haven't found an answer so far....soooooooooo I'm starting this new thread in hopes of getting the much needed help I long for! :)

    My 1992 Suburban (1500) (350cid) has all of a sudden (started about 3 weeks ago) sprung an electrical problem...let me explain.

    The volt gauge started reading a little below 14 volts while I was driving home from work one day. Every couple of days I noticed that is was going lower a little bit at a time. I put a meter on the alternator and it read 14.4v (same at the battery), so I figured the gauge was going bad.
    Then two days ago, I was coming home and I stepped on the gas to pass a slower car, and after coming off the gas and looking at the guages to make sure I was at the speed limit, I noticed that the volt gauge was all of a sudden down to about 10 volts. Right before making it home, the gauge was down to about 9 volts and the truck quit on me.

    Removed the alternator and battery and took it into Autozone. The alternator was gone and of course the battery was down to 9 or 10 volts. The battery took a charge and is good to go and I have a new alternator. I installed both and checked the grounds on the fender wall, engine, battery, etc. and the gauge is still reading less than what the battery and alternator read. Again, the battery and alternator have 14.4 while running and the volt gauge reads just about 13 when I first start the truck. If I turn on the turn signals the volt gauge will move up and down in rhythm with the signals...also turning the lights on will make it go down some more.

    I checked the Battery Junction Block on the engine side of the firewall (passenger side) and I found one of the wires has been burned and the insulation split all the way to the fusable link. I unhooked that wire (its green from the junction block to the fusable link, then red from there) and the gauge still does all of the above??? :grrrrrr:

    Here's the TWO questions for the club members...

    1) Has anyone had this problem and what fixed it (could it be the whole gauge cluster?)?

    2) Does anyone know what this wire goes to. The fusable link has the number 2 on it, and like I said its green to the link. The diagrams I got off Alldatadiy just show the wires from the fusable links (so of course they almost all say RED). Does anyone have an idea of what the "2" means, or has a diagram that shows a "GREEN" wire from the battery junction block, and where its going.

    I am lost:neutral: on how the only wire I find burned up and in bad condition can be unhooked and my truck still has the same problem...lol!

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me, and I formally apologize if this subject has been covered before somewhere else!



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