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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by ppilguy, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. ppilguy

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    1992 Sub 1500 4x4, how to clear abs and brake warning lights, started with droping pedal, changed master, now brakes stop fine, warning lights now on with no codes I can read with a cheap scaner, was told may need whole abs controller?
    Thanks Pete
  2. 84fiero123

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    Disconnect the positive battery cable for a couple of minutes. 94 and older vehicles are OB1 and don’t need a scanner to clear codes.
  3. zippy

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    You're assuming the problem has been solved. I couldn't get the ABS light to clear in my '93 'Burb. I'd just done new rotors and calipers, what could be wrong? I eventually came to the realization that the parts house had given me an unmatched 'pair' of new rotors: one with the toothed sensor ring and one without. I'd failed to notice the difference during installation, but the internal code cops didn't.
  4. 84fiero123

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    Older vehicles, 94 and older do not need a reader. Simply take a paper clip and bend it in a u shape and plug it in the connector under the dash in plug A & B then turn the ignition to the on position.

    The check engine light will flash the 12 code, one short flash
    on. A pause then2
    flashes, that is the 12 code saying the system is functioning properly.

    It should flash that code 3 times then any error codes that are there will flash in sequence one after the other.

    If the 12 code continues to flash the system has no error codes stored.

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