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    I have been a Chevy owner my entire life and will never change. I have owned my 2005 1500HD 6.0L crew cab now for about 4 years. Previously to that I had a 1992 Silverado and I love both these trucks. My 92 was an amazing truck, just before I bought my 05 my 92 rolled over 400,000km with no major problems. The only thing I ever did to that truck was regular maintence and changed the rad.
    I am located in central Alberta and work in the oil patch so it is expected to drive a truck and I would settle for nothing less than a Silverado.
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    welcome to the club!
  3. Welcome to the club.
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    Welcome to the club. There's a lot of Canadian brothers here.
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    Welcome to the GMTC!! I know how you feel. I see a lot of good looking Ford trucks out there, but mostly sitting in used car lots. They were traded in for something, and hopefully it was a Chevy Silverado.
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