'93 1500 Suburban with a Hyperthech Chip, what can I expect?

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by AdvSwede, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. AdvSwede

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    I recently purchased a '93 Suburban 1500, 5.7, Auto, 4x4. I am contemplating installing a Hypertech chip. Hypertech offers two chips. One chip is the Street Runner Power and the other is ThermoMaster. Can I expect any mileage improvement with either of these chips?
  2. dobey

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    With the power chips you'll generally see a decrease in MPG, as they just dump more fuel into the engine. I'm not sure about the Thermo chips, but I think they also end up dumping more fuel.

    You're better off with the stock chip. If you want to try getting a gain in MPG, find someone to do a custom tune for your truck. You probably won't be able to get much if any with that truck though, as it's TBI.

    Best way to get most MPG out of that truck is stay in 2wd, keep the tires inflated to ~40 PSI, and keep your foot out of the gas (smooth take-offs, and don't gun it).
  3. AdvSwede

    AdvSwede New Member

    Thanks, that is what I thought.
  4. Toymyster

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    If you want a tune, then take your truck in for a complete dyno tune. I have not been impressed with mail order chips, since they are still pretty general. And like dobey said, the best way to get better mileage is to take some of the lead out of your foot!! That's the part I have been having most trouble with myself!

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