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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by jbhofc, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. jbhofc

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    When I bought my 2500hd 6.0 I thought my burb was history.
    Now, 11.0 miles per gallon and noisy interior--vs--20 and Starcraft Conversion, its a no brainer.
    Aside from the 140,000 miles -vs- 19,000 miles I see not reason for keeping the 2500.
    My question is, will I have any trouble hauling 5,000 pounds with my Suburban? It has tranny cooler and tow package already.
    Should I be afraid of 140,000 on this 5.7?
    I bought off original owner--never towed. Only trips to Florida and back 1X each year.
    There is no comparison as to the comfort advantage over the 2500.Thanks Mark
  2. Crawdaddy

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    I towed a trailer that weighed 3000 pounds dry with my 91 suburban 1500 with a weight distributing hitch. I have the 5.7/350 Chevy small-block and 3.08 rear gears. I then added a 2-3K pound car onto the trailer and it still ran. I woulda made it all the way home if I didn't have 2 spark plug wires burn through from laying on the exhaust manifold, causing the tranny to jump shift and kill itself... so six cylinders on a 8 cylinder won't tow 5k pounds, but all 8 will with no problem :glasses::lol:
  3. 84fiero123

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    We have a 94 with the 5.7 and have hauled 2 and 4 horse trailers without it ever skipping a beat. Ours just rolled over 200,000 and I wouldn’t be afraid to take it to Florida tomorrow.

    Sounds like you have all the right equipment, trans cooler and such.

    Just make sure you have it checked out before a long trip by a reputable mechanic and you should be fine. Have him or her check out things you might miss like brake linings, brake lines, cooling lines and hoses, u joints, ball joints and such. It’s a lot easier for them to do on a lift than you with a jack and well worth the cost because they see these things everyday and are more likely to notice something you might miss.

    Oh ya have him do a leak down test on the cooling system to, just to be sure. Fuel pressure check would be a good idea to. These are all things that they should be able to do in under 1 hour so just pay him his rate and get a knowledgeable opinion.
  4. phoebeisis

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    I bought our 1998 2wd Suburban with 195,000 miles about 10 months and 3000 miles ago.I really didn't expect much-figured it would suck $ out of me in $1000 bites.
    Well, it has been a pleasant surprise-14 mpg in pure stoplight to stoplight traffic driving, but 16+ mpg in more mixed city.It probably gets 18-mpg at about 65 mph on the highway.It has only used about 1/4 qt of oil in 3000 miles despite my using kinda' thin 5w30 syn oil.
    We'll probably take a 3500 mile trip in it this summer-I expect it will do ok.
    The trans was rebuilt by the PO at 185,000 miles-AC intake gasket at 155,000 miles.
    I bought it because we were/are short of money and had to sell the 2003 Pilot($15,500) and buy the Suburban($2950).We needed something big in case of evacuations(3 adults, 1 long legged greyhound,4 cats= lots of stuff).
    I'm happy.
    PS-5500 LBS towing sounds ok to me.It is a big vehicle.Maybe you can upgrade the brakes.

    LANDBARG Rockstar

    I bought my 92 burb and it had a tad over 200K on the original motor..never touched! Now I have about 217K on it and aside from a little slop in the mains first thing in the morning, she runs like a clock all day long. I have towed cars two wheels down and all 4 wheels up on a trailer.. not a problem. Just drove it 500 miles last Saturday with no issues. I wouldn't hesitate to drive it anywhere. Of course I plan on rebuilding it, but I'm going to drive her till she says it's time to freshen up. Oh, and it still gets 20 mpg on the highway. :great:
  6. 95CTburb19

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    140,000 is nothing. My 94 has 232,000 on it now and my 95 has 190,000 both are still running fine and can still tow the 6000 pound chipper.

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