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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by 30-A rider, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. 30-A rider

    30-A rider New Member

    Ive built several motors for muscle cars but not one for a truck like my Burb. It has 255K on the clock and runs great but the motors getting tired. I have some questions:

    I have been told the heads I have are horrible and called swirl port heads and flow terribly? Is this true? If so what is the fix? New SS vavles and some mild porting or replace the heads all together?

    I dont know a damn thing about the computers on my year of truck is there any reason I should fear putting in a more aggressive cam than the weenie cam that came stock in the truck. Anyone familiar with a 93 ish year small bock GM truck knows is does OK towing but passing gear from anything above 50 mph is non existent and almost dangerous...this because the stock weenie cam producing a whopping 200hp stock and a mere 275ish ft lb. Just jumping up to lets say 214/223 duration at .050 with a mild .450 ish lift on 112 LSA I think I can work out an additional 40-60 hp and about 25-35 motor ft lb.

    Any insight or suggestions to rebuiding this motor and keeping it efficient yet produce some more power is appretiated. Recomendations on oil pumps, pistons, rings, timing chains, push rods, rocker arms etc are all appretiated.

    Thanks gentlemen.
  2. vncj96

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    i would just get a crate motor you can get a 350 in many different variations for towing, performance, eceonmy and trucks, but with way more power then factory, you could go and revalve the heads and have them ported, then have the block bored out but it will come down to you still have a block 250+ miles on it, and by the time you do all that you could have invested $2000 and you dont have a warranty and for another grand more you could have all new motor, warranty and the time you didnt invest of rebuilding a motor. gmperformance.com i would for sure check into it
  3. zippy

    zippy Rockstar 100 Posts

    I just put a new crate motor in my C1500 '93 Burb. To be smog legal (and keep your computer happy) the only choice from GM is the 12568758. I got mine from Summit because they beat Jegs low price by a dollar and the shipping was way less. Yes the "economy" swirl heads and cam give it a ho-hum ride. Headers and a chip do a little more for mine. With gas over $100 a fill-up, I'm happy to have a 20 MPG, 200 HP Burb.
  4. tbplus10

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    Rebuilding your original engine isnt as popular now a days as it used to be, the reason is theres crate engines on the market that can be bought for much less than the cost of an engine rebuild. If the 200hp 350 isnt enough for you why dont you look at a 383 stroker engine. The cost isnt much higher than a crate 350 and the output is much better, the 383 still returns decent mileage and bolts right in place of your original 350 while using factory computers and settings and maintaining the all important pollution standards.
  5. 30-A rider

    30-A rider New Member

    I appretiate the replies but but not what I have in mind. I dont know where you gentlemen get you machine work done but to have a bore done is about $20 a cylinder, clean the block, magnaflux is, line hone the mains, installe cam bearings and about $300 for a stellar job including brass freeze plugs. Far the comment from the guy who stated its still a block with 250K miles....what does that have to do with anything. Do you really thing beceause the block has 250K after is has been through a machine shop and bored .030 over its less of a block. If so Id suggest you are wrong.

    Rebuild kits with premium pistons are about $400-500 including all new mains and rod bearings, pistons, rings, gaskets, timing chain set, lifters, oil pump etc etc.

    If I get the swirl port heads done over all included Im looking at about $1000. compared to GMs crate motor $1800 and then I have the same weak motor I started with. I cant see buying a crate motor Im not happy with.

    I could understand if it was a modern LS6 motor, or a Vortec 454 motor...but the run of the mill truck motor with 200hp is pathetic and I cant bring myself to do that. Thanks again for the replies anyway.
  6. zippy

    zippy Rockstar 100 Posts

    Sounds like you know exactly what you want. You've got all the bases covered except you didn't mention mention what cam (and chip) you have in mind? Have you considered new style heads? GM Performance Parts now has a Vortec intake manifold (12496821) that accommodates an EGR.
    Good luck -- You'll have a lot more than 200HP!
  7. phoebeisis

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    GMs 383E sstroker is 340 HP and 430 LB FT. It is about $4300 delivered. It will be an absolute rocket compared to your current motor.It has a forged crank 4 bolt mains all the usual hot rod stuff. You can get it for the carbed models, and for the 96-99 EFI.I don't know if it is offered for the TBI.

    It looks like you figure you can get a plain Jane rebuild for $1000- not bad- but that won't be much of an upgrade What are you doing to get more power- a cam/high compression pistons might add 40 hp, so you are at maybe 240 hp?The heads just won't flow decently- waste of money to port them. To get 340 hp from that motor you will end up spending a lotta $ and it won't work as well as GMs drop in 383 stroker.You'll need new heads- no porting will get 340HP from those heads.

    Hey, don't you like the way I spend your money!! The gm stroker tbplus10 mentioned is a real bargain if you can fit it to your truck.

    Aftermarket crate motors are less expensive than the GM ones- no GM warranty- but probably ok.

    I can't ever remember any $1000 "job" actually costing $1000, but maybe it will. S - - - always happens - stuff breaks or is corroded in place- and inflation sets in. Your luck is probably better than mine.

    Heck, you might be able to gut a 96-99 truck for the electronic gear and FI and put the later 5.7 EFI motor in and dump your TBI motor. The 96-99 makes 250 hp stock-lot more than yours.A new one is $2300 delivered.

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