93 GMC 1500 Sierra ext cab 2wd

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    Howdy folks, I'm new here and just wanted to say hello. I joined because I picked up a 93 GMC Sierra 1500 ext cab 2wd that just turned over 270,000 miles, mainly for hauling water to fill our cistern water supply (we are really rural for east of the Mississippi, have no public water on our road, and the well water is unfit due to the surrounding coal mining/deforestation) but we also use it for general hauling duties and lately it's my daily driver because my car is awaiting repairs.
    Anyway, I have some questions and repairs needed that I thought I might find out the info in the GM dealer service manuals. Well, they are less than totally helpful (compared to the FoMoCo manuals I have for our cars). I hope folks here can help me out a bit. I would spend countless hours here researching but my only online access is the hour I get at the public library about once every two weeks when I go to town.
    Here's my issues for now...
    I get a knocking noise from the heater box when I first start the truck and when I turn it off and when using the max a/c, it lasts about 30 seconds and then stops, I assume it's a vacuum to a recirc flapper in the air exchange box, any ideas on a fix?
    My trip odo doesn't work, at all, won't reset, won't roll.
    Oil pressure always reads at the top of the scale when running but returns to bottom when not running (this might be the engine issue, see below).
    The previous owner (2nd owner I believe) kept impecable records (even every fill up of gas with milage) amd says he had a GM Performance 383 long block installed, it does have an Edelbrock intake, K&N filter/intake tube, and chrome oil pan. How can I confirm this? What are the capacities and tune up specs for this engine? I think this may be the oil pressure gauge problem and I'd like to do a tune up on it and would like to get the right plugs and gap.
    I bought a radio install kit off ebay and had no instructions, can anyone send me them or a link to them? I'd also like to replace the original speakers with 4x6 plate separates and add a smallish sub, does anyone know of a cheap under rear seat box or DIY for one?
    The previous owner had this truck set up for towing a large camping trailer but it was only a 1/2 ton truck, he put on larger tires I think them are 32 x 11.5 and put in rear axle air bags. The air bags are nice and I can easily haul 425 gal of water in the back, but I'd like to ditch the big knobby tires for ones more suited for the highway (lower noise and better milage). I'd like to know if I can just get a set of 3/4 ton springs and swap them in to this chassis?
    It has what I think is a stock PS oil cooler that is leaking bad some\where, any clues on a fix? The local parts stores dont offer the hoses for this setup and the dealer killed me on the gas line I replaced myself ($130, ouch!).
    btw, I replaced the gas line between the filter and TB, GM manual absolutely no help, but not a hard repaire once I got my old self under the truck.
    I'd like to swap in a set of newer seats, these are OK, but I'd like to get the flip down center console or bucket style power seats. Anyone know what years swap easily?
    My headlights are yellowed, I know I can buff them but that doesn't last long. Does anyone have experience with the ebay replacements? Does anyone make these in glass (like for the European markets)?

    Sorry this is so long.
    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Welcome to the site!
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    Welcome to the site! I'm not even gonna lie to you bro... I'm not in the mood to read all of that haha. Welcome though!
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    First, welcome to the site. You'll find lots of good information here.

    Second, you'll get more responses to your issues if you post them in separate forums and posts. This is one long ass post with tons of problems and like someone said, they're not going to want to read it all.

    Third, here's my take.

    The sound you hear in the heater box is the flapper. I don't know of an easy fix, so if it's not breaking anything, leave it. If you really want to, I think that you have to get under the dash and start ripping stuff apart to get to it (never done it myself, but I think that there's been some posts on here that may help you out).

    Take the gauge cluster out and see if there's something physically jamming the trip odo. That's my guess, especially since I assume that your speedo and regular odometer are working.

    The engine issues. I'm not sure how to verify the long block. But I would say that if it has an aftermarket oil pan, you may want to try and figure out the make and model of it. Some of the aftermarket pans have different capacities and if overfilled can lead you to the oil pressure rising. Not always a good thing for a motor.

    For the radio stuff, check out Crutchfield. They usually have some very innovative items for installs and include free manuals if you buy something.

    I'm not sure why you would want to change out the air bags for 3/4 ton springs if all you want to do is get rid of the tires. Just get some A/T tires and you'll be good to go.

    PS leaks can sometimes be fixed with leak sealant. Believe it or not they now sell the stuff for PS systems. I just used some on my car and it seems to have worked, never knew it existed.

    I "THINK" that the Suburban front seats will fit in your truck, do some more research and don't take what I say for gospel. But, my '94 burb has two buckets and a fold down center and the driver's seat is powered.

    For the headlights, I think you're in the right area. Look on Ebay. I've seen some OEM replacements (not crappy made in China BS) for cheap. I'm getting ready to buy a set myself. Don't know about the glass ones. If you find some, let me know, as I'd be interested.

    Oh yeah, welcome.
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    welcome to the site
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    welcome im new too
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    Welcome to the site
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    Welcome and man your long posted......
    ct9a is right with most everything, just some additions:
    1) You can check the stamping on the block on the either the drivers/passengers side and get the stamping number of the flat spot and verify with the dealer if it came from them or search it.
    2) If the oil pan is a deep sump due to the 383ci motor,with a Hi Flow Oil pump then you will see
    higher pressure then stock. See if you can the info he gave you on the truck and see if the pan is in it.

    So, you have some work cut out for you, check everything out, make the easiest changes first, don't do to many at once and keep track of what you've done so you don't get confused of where you been and what you've done........ LOL, hope we can help....

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    1) the odo problem, the speedo cable is bad
    2) what brand is the raido?
    3) i would try to get some headlights from LMC truck! :great:

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    Welcome to the site! Good luck with all of your issues! I agree that you will have better luck posting the individual questions in the corresponding sub-forums. That's just too much to read all at once, lol

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