93 K1500 Clunking while driving

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by wgwebel67, May 27, 2013.

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    Hey everyone! New to the forum but many Chevy trucks over my 45 years on this earth. Here is my problem, bought a 1993 K1500 and 3 days later the reverse went out so had the transmission rebuilt and rear driveshaft U joints replaced. Now as I drive it I have developed a clunk that happens at random speeds and sometimes 3 quick in progression. A few times when I have gotten in the gas to go up a highway hill I get a heavy clunk and the transfer case shifter pops up into neutral.....I let off the gas and shift back to 2WD and move right on down the road. I haven't been able to pinpoint the clunk as it feels like it moves around the drivetrain randomly. However it is more evident on a bumpy road. I guess the popping into neutral concerns me the most and I am hopeful someone can give me an idea in what to look at. Thanks!
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    If the T case shifter is popping out of gear that would indicate to me theres a good possibility either the T case and trans mounts arent tight enough, the mounts may be worn and need replacing, youve got a worn shift fork in the T case, or the drive chain in the T case is loose and popping hard enough to knock it out of gear.
    The transfer case tailshaft/drive shaft yoke on these trucks has also been known to cause a clunk, but I've never heard of it being hard enough to knock a T case out of gear.
    I'd look at the mounts and their fasteners first.

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