93 K1500 Strange Radio Problems

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  1. MitchellB

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    I recently got a problem with my stock radio/cassette player in my 93 Suburban. About a year ago the cassette player began eating tapes. Nothing too strange about that. It is one of those units where the cassette player is mounted in the center of the dash and the radio is mounted separate just to the right of the instrument panel. I just stopped using the cassette and just occasionally listened to the radio. I’m not a big commerical radio fan, so the radio did not get used a great deal after that. About a month ago I noticed the clock time was incorrect. I turn on the radio and it lights up like normal, but the buttons will not change anything nor will any sound come from the radio. I can’t change radio channels, change the volume or clock or anything. The clock always says the same time of day, never advancing. The only button that seems to do anything is the power supply (off/on) switch. Checked the fuse and it is fine. I don’t really have much of a clue where to look for the problem, so I’ve avoided taking out the units from the dash until I get an idea what could cause it or whether it can be fixed or needs replacing. Any clues? Since this uses a separate cassette player from the radio unit, what do I replace it with if it can’t be fixed?
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    First thing I would do is get in there with an air hose. Just blow all of the crap out of the buttons. If it can't be fixed, just put an aftermarket head unit in...The extra hole? A new gauge cluster, of course!
  3. MitchellB

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    I contacted Crutchfield about a replacement radio and was told that finding a NEW radio that would allow me to still use the seperate cassette player mounted in the center of the dash in my Suburban was probably going to be impossible.
  4. 1991 Suburban

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    So get a regular old head unit and find something to fill the extra space with. Like I said, maybe a gauge cluster. Or maybe a CB unit?
  5. Enkeiavalanche

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    Go to Metraonline.com you will see that they make a pocket that goes where the Factory radio is and a kit to put a new Radio in where the Cass is..
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    Just for the heck of it disconnect the battery for a few minutes. That may reboot the microprocessor in the radio. Good luck with your radio problem. I've fixed a lot of those cassette players, usually just streched belts.

    2/14/11 Just thought of somthing else to check. Most of these radios have two fuses one for the radio, one for memory to keep the micro running. see if that fuse is ok also.
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