93 k5 blazer 5.7l wont start when cold

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by kmentltd, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I HAVE a 93 k5 chev blazer, the engine will not start when it is below 40f or 3celcius it just cranks over, but when you hook up a battery charger or jump from another vehicle it will fire but runs very rough, sputters, popping thru the throttle body. when its warmed up it runs like a top but stalls every time I stop or put in park, if it is warm out (above 40f) the truck fires up cold just fine but still stalls at every stop. the stalling happens all the time. here is the parts that I have replaced the COOLANT TEMP SENSOR, IDLE AIR CONTROL MOTOR, IGNITION CONTROL MODULE, CAP AND ROTOR, PLUGS AND WIRES, IGNITION COIL, NEW BATTERY.

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    I am thinking of replacing the TPS sensor, MAP sensor, EGR solenoid, TBI injectors, fuel filter, and fuel pump. Any thoughts would be appreciated

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    oh and replace the pick up coil too
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    When is the last time you checked the timing and what did the plugs look like when you pulled them??
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    Welcome to the Club!!

    I moved your thread to the correct section of the forum as this will get you more opinions/responses.
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    You may want to remove your distributor cap and check for end play in tour distributor shaft. I experienced very similar symptoms in a '91 & a '92. Had appx 3/16" end play just from age. Swapped in a junkyard distributor in both and they straightened right out.

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    Forgot to mention, I discovered the endplay when I was performing a routine tune-up on the 91, due to poor idle and stalling. Had to drive with 2 feet to keep her running. Went to pull the rotor off and felt the whole shaft wiggle up and down. Knew what to look for on the 92. Didn't have the same findings on my 97. Still troubleshooting that one ! Lol!

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