93 Step Side PROBS!!!

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by babybtch_tx, Feb 17, 2010.

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    93 chevy stepside probs please help !!

    My Baby, MY 93Chevy started smokin a few days ago from the pipes, lots of white smoke with a little water.Today, A LOT water coming out smells kind of like anti- freeze. I keep putting water in,don't see any leaks in radi or hoses. Just trying to make sure it has some water in there. When I started the truck this morning, it was like I turned on a facet. I would greatly love any help I could get here PLEASE and thank You all. Sonja M.
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    Not really sure what aprientiated means but it sounds to me like you have either a bad head gasket (could be either side) or bad intake manifold gasket (could be either side) typically if it is a bad manifold gasket you will get the smoke upon startup after a night of sitting because the fluid leaks by the gasket and drips into the cylinders. Really not good for the engine. If you cant tell what sie it is coming from or what gasket i would suggest you pony up the money for a diagnosis from your local mech.

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