94 burb trans ?

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    Alright hi all i just have to see if anyone else has had this same bad luck. I lost the 2-4 band in my trans pulled the trans took it to a shop paid him to rebuild it. Once i got it back i put it back in than i had all gears but i had to manually shift all gears. I called him up drop off he said it should be a 10 min fix. well with me working so much a couple of days turned in a few weeks maybe even a month or two with no word from him i called him up he said that he looked at it and it would caost just as much money as a paid him to rebuild it. Now i am hot mad i told him i was coming to get my truck after i picked it up (and he stole my battery) i only had 2nd gear and park now the vechile has sat for about 9 month to a 1 only moving it when needed and on day boom i have reverse. Than a month later i have all gears back again but i have to manually shift again. I have not done anything with this but move it not far maybe drive it a mile or so just to keep fluids moving. I just cant get a concept of why only one gear than the others came back any thoughts or experiance with this thank you Jay
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    my 88 is doing the same thing and I still try to figure out what to do.
    Sounds like a bad rebuild? Is it from a shop? I did check out my local craigslist and see if I can find a good rebuilder, no luck. Also worry about someone/shop will take everything apart and come back with "higher" price.
    I might want to have someone else check it for you. Good luck

    In my case, I just spoke with a local shop which said $1600 to rebuild and install

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