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  1. Bens Dad

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    I own a 94 3/4 ton 4x4 that i love to drve, my 12 year old son races dirtbikes and we bought the truck do take to the races, i have a problem with the acclerator, it is so hard too push that it makes you a nervous wreck, once you get moving you don't notice it as much, but the inital take off sucks, I spin gravel, and have actually got stuck because of this condition, i have done every thing imaginable and nothing seems to help ,much, i have had the throttle body off and there is no corosion, i have had the cable off and it has no binds, i think the problem is in the pedal itself, there is a plastic plate on the firewall that the pedal and rod go through, the cover of the plate is medal and has 3 screws on it so you can pull the pedal and rod off the truck, i can take everything loose and lube and put grease on every moving part and it seems to help a little for a few days and then seems to be as bad as before, i have nothing else i can try other than to start replacing parts, which i reallly don't want to do if not neccesary, the spring on the side of the throttle body is pretty stiff, but it still moves smooth, once you can push the pedal past a certain point it doesn't seem to be a problem, on the highway you don't notice it at all
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    Sounds like the cable is binding?
  3. Zabob44

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    Agreed, and corrosion on your throttle body? You mean Carbon build up?
  4. Bens Dad

    Bens Dad New Member

    yeah, imeant carbon build up, i was thinking about the cable , because it would be really hard to duplicate the exact position it is hanging up at while it is alll connected, thanks for the advice
  5. Bens Dad

    Bens Dad New Member

    you guys were correct it was the cable , funny thing is when I took the old one out it seemed to work as freely a s the new one, but when i put the new one in it was an instant fix, thanks
  6. Bens Dad

    Bens Dad New Member

    I just found out that I need 10 posts in order to sell an item so this is #10
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    Glad you got the cable fixed. LOL @ the 10 posts.
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    How's your Son doing racing? Both my son's raced motocross with the youngest starting at age 11. They are now 23 and 18 and neither races anymore but those were some great family times racing when the whole family get's involved. We mostly raced around the Pacific Northwest and mostly at Washougal National MX Park.

    One of the most recent photos on my 18-year old a couple of years ago on a 250F.
  9. Bens Dad

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    He races harescrambles and this year he won his class 85jr, it was his first year on a bike, he did race mini quads, but thought the bike was alot more fun and work , but we are very proud of him, but racing in weather from15 degrees to 95 degrees , and riding hard for 1 hour without stopping is alot of hard work, regardless of what you are riding, this year he moves up to 85 sr, but he broke his hand playing basketball, so are now spectators for at least 5 weeks, thanks for asking
  10. Bens Dad

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    Now I found out I can't send a pm without 15 posts , I can't win!!!!!!!!!!!!

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