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    Ok I've put a 93 model 454 from a suburban in my 94 Sierra step side. Ok now can any one help, with the wiring. I pulled every thing from the Burban except the harness under the dash. I'm trying to marry the two together. I know that this was not too smart but did not have had anything to do. O but we do have regrets now but to late must go forward. Any body got any ideas. I got it running, runs good on jack stands, but when you drop it and take off she wants to spit and sputter. WT Heck. Replaced the knock sensor, put it on a code reader and had a 43.
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    This thread would get more attention in the power train section of the forums. As for your code, I assume the read out is po034 or something like that. That's what I got when I put it in my phone. Not too sure when obd2 came out and they did away with its predecessor.

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