94 GMC suburban,rear running lights/dash lights fuse?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Rancor2001, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Rancor2001

    Rancor2001 New Member

    the other night my dash lights and rear running lights went out. is there a fuse for this or what? i looked in the fuse box under the stearing wheel and couldnt find any fuses for it. am I not looking in the right place?

  2. Chris Miller

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    Yes, there is definitely an instrument panel fuse for your headlights. Exactly what it's labeled at the moment escapes me, but there are a couple of possibilities. It's probably either the 20-amp in the upper-left-hand corner labeled "GAUGES" or the one two right and one down labeled "CTSY".

    If all your fuses are good, it's most likely the headlight switch. I had a similar problem where all the lights would work except the dash lights. The fuses were all good, but one day the headlight switch started burning. Turned out there was a short in the switch itself. Keep an eye on that! :)
  3. rockettruck

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    fuse panel...

    This happened to me last week with my newly acquired '94 Suburban. I shorted the circuit as I was changing turn signal bulbs. I think you'll also find that your horn is out and your front marker lights are out as well.

    After i finally found the fuse panel (!), I also couldn't quite figure things out from the labels, so I looked a little differently at the situation. I looked for a burned out fuse! The fuse is rated at 20 amps (yellow) and it is on the right side, but generally toward the middle.

    Even if you pull out the wrong one to check it, they are easy to slide back in. Once I found the fuse panel it was a 30 second job.

    By the way, the fuse panel is easy to find once you know how obviuos it is! Find your parking brake release HANDLE. Then look about three inches to the right. There is a little indentation in the plastic panel that you pull on and the panel come right off, exposing one of the easiest-to-change fuse panels that you will ever see.
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  4. Project Reaper

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    GL with the fix!
  5. Viper

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    it would be a common circuit issue, ie ground or control switch. try running a straight 12v source to the dash and tail and test from there

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