94 Power Locks on a Non Power Truck?

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    I have a 94 GMC Sierra K1500 SL. It came stock with no power options. I managed to grab some doors off of a 94 Sierra 3500 Crew Cab. I wired up the windows with no problems, but now with the locks i cant figure it out. In my Hanes manual, there is a difference in wiring with the 4 doors and te 2 doors. With 2 doors there are no relays, with 4 doors there are. I grabbed the Door lock relay with the 6 pins on it, and it seems pretty simple, but when i hook it up like it is on the diagram it dosnt work.

    Ive found out that when one wire from the actuator has power and i ground the other, the door either locks or unlocks depending on the wire i power and ground.

    My truck is a regualr cab, so I hooked up both doors together thinking the problem was resistance. Didnt work. Hooked it up without a relay. Didnt work.
    The door lock switch is grounded and it has power and i cant figure out whats wrong.

    Please if you can help let me know, ive gone through so many wire connectors, i could probly buy a new truck by now


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