94 silverado blower motor doesnt run

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    Recently the blower motor on my 94 sILVERADO quit while driving, I replaced the fuse and blower started working again for couple more days. Blower motor stopped running again and replaced the fuse and was working again . Next day blower motor stopped working, and has not run since even with a new fuse. Motor has been kind of loud since I bought the truck in march , squeeling at times.

    I had another electrical problem in summer while towing a boat trailer, the tail lights and dash lights went out while driving- new fuses fixed this problem, not sure if this issue is related to the blower motor not running?

    Need to fix this issue tommorrow since we are expcting our 1st snowfall for the season
    any ideas would be a great help
  2. ntbush83

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    To me this sounds like you had a short in the circuit for the blower motor so the first few times it blew the fuse to save the motor but the last time it damaged the blower motor and now sounds like you need a new one.
  3. Gmcsuvguy

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    If the blower motor was loud the bearing was probably goilg on it, causing a higher load on the electrical to turn it and was blowing the fuse. I agree that you probably need a new blower. Y ou can tap the blower motor with a screwdriver handle while the power is on and if it starts running there is your answer.

    94SILVERADO New Member

    Replaced blower motor works great.Just in time for old man winter's return
  5. murdog94

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    This is VERY common with these trucks.. it is almost the first thing that i have had to replace on all 6 that i have owned of that body style.
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    How do I post a thread on this forum. New to forum.

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