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    I apologize for making several posts being fresh to the forum hoping to get some info before my long weekend to make some headway on my project suburban. So The first thing I would like to get is my driver door window which are all manual crank has everything there EXCEPT the slide channel. advance auto says they can get it but they have to order it has anyone bought this from them I don't want to order it and have it be flimsy cheap junk or just be the wrong part. I have other things but i'll keep it at two parts atm. Any way I also need the lower latch on the left barn door and I cant seem to find it anywhere. Should I see if a dealership could still get me one or does lmc carry that part. I looked on their internet catalog for my truck but didn't see it. OORR maybe if someone has a great idea for freeing the original latch up I have but its rusted pretty bad ive been spraying it with pb blaster for days.
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    I would definitely give LMC a shot. The amount of stuff they carry never ceases to amaze me...
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