94 suburban rear barn door window removal

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  1. drakon543

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    I tried doing some searches around on the internet to find some info on removing the left barn door window. It appears to just be glued in unless im missing something do I just take a good razor blade and cut the adhesive away from the door and hope my wife can catch the window before it hits the ground? If this is the case since ive never attempted to get a window like this out how do I "glue" it back to the door I would imagine there is a proper compound that does this. Also im trying to save the window im just removing it so I can do some body work on that door.
  2. Pikey

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    I have never done one. Hopefully someone comes along that can help. If not I would stop by a local body shop or junk yard. Maybe they can give you some info
  3. tbplus10

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    I watched a glass installer remove a rear Suburban barn door window a few weeks back.
    He used a vibrating knife to sepparate the glass from the door. While he didnt end up breaking the glass he wasnt worried about breaking it either since he was prepared to replace it. He did say it was much easier to get out as a solid piece vice cleaning out all the broken glass.
    He also said if you reuse the glass it has to be cleaned real well and prepped with a special primer.

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