94 TBI Injectors not firing

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by James4012, Jul 13, 2013.

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    Went to mudfest last weekend here in Corpus Christi. I overheated the truck when I buried it. Came back the next day, truck overheated on the way their again, so I pulled the thermostat incase it was stuck and filled the radiator back up. Started making a test run around the road the circles the mud pits and I hit a big a&$ chuck hole made by one of those home made monster trucks. The truck instantly died. It was hard enough a jolt to shatter the bed rail that the bolts go through to hold the bed to the frame in the front and sag the bed. NOW the injectors ain't firing. It will run if you pour gas in it, but if you stop the stream of fluid it just dies. Fuel Pump is working on pressure 15PSI. Dizzy and coil are new. I changed the fuel relay switch as well on the fire wall. I took a wire and ran it from the battery while someone cranked on it and the injectors fired, but soon as I moved the hot wire off it they shut back off. Don't know what to do, Checked for broken wires in the harness but couldn't find nothing wrong. Any ideas? Sucks because it's my daily driver and I'm having to borrow my father in laws 2nd truck and it runs like it's about to knell over at any second.
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    I pulled the wiring harness up and traced the 4 injector wires all the way where they disappear into the firewall behind the AC canister. I didn't find any broken wires. I pulled the glove box out and checked the computer but didn't see anything out of the ordinary but I'm no electrical mechanic. What all can make the injectors not fire? I'll just go ahead and change everything that pertains to it. Mudfest starts again in October and my wife and her sister wants to go. I wasn't wanting to, but it's hard to say no to the thought of two hot a$$ 4'8" women weighing about 90lbs each walking around in bikinis covered in mud sitting in my truck lmao.

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