94 z71 Hog head cv flange play?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Josh, May 20, 2012.

  1. Josh

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    so i put new pitman arm on and a new set of tie rods with an adjuster on today and had 800 bucks in tires on put on yesterday. my vibration in the front left is still there not bad just after you get past 45. my joints n bearings are good. all steering joints are now brand new. so heres what i came accross. i checked my cv by pushing on it. didnt get nothing pushing down. so i was like well all is good. i got under and did an alignment and decided to push up on the cv axle on the driver side. i saw that the cv inner joint on it moves a good bit and the whole flange itself that it bolts too can move up if pushed on. i pushed on the other side and saw it move up aswell. but i have no vibration there. its right in the driver side. could a cv be on its way out. like its out of balance or something. its got me stumped. i got under my dads 02 and pushed on the under side of his cv flange/axle and pushed up and his moves up and down a lil too. can someone put light on this situation. gonna go try a new cv joint tomorrow and see if the joint has worn joints internally. the cv boot is torn at the end of it if it helps any conclusions. do they have play because if the weight of the cv being heavy.
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    If boot is torn a cvj will go bad pretty quick.
  3. Josh

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    so i got all my stuff on long story short DO NOT TAKE THE CV,s OFF YOUR 4x4. i took mine off and decided to drive without cv axles too see if my vibration went away. well my truck broke both bearings within 20 feet of my drivewayl. so off to the parts store for two new hub assemblys and 2 new CV axles. Still vibrates. so im thinkin my tires are just bouncy n big to where they dont ride smooth (33/12.50/15 BFG M/T KM2s) and it hit me i had tons of worn out parts on my truck when i had cranked my torsion bars. so i got under with an impact and zipped em back down and i could watch the cv axles angle into a normal angle. truck drives great now with no vibration. the cvs were angled so badly that they were binding up at 45 n up and it would vibrate off and on. i also noticed even though i did not crank my keys all the way my shock was completely stretched out. so now the truck rides nice and looks nice i only lost about an inch of clearance backing them down. Boy what a week its been.

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    P.S. the hoghead didnt have play, the cvs were going bad but hadnt started clicking.
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    What bearings broke?
  5. tbplus10

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    You might not think so, and I'm not trying to sound like a jerk but I'm glad they broke only 20' out of the driveway, coulda been a real bad situation if you had the truck up to speed when it happened.
    I know it's a little late but theres quite a bit of information on here about not driving without CV's installed.
    On a positive note you learned more about your truck and how to repair it.
  6. Josh

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    well i said the same thing when it happened. i learnt the hard way. i put new Hubs on and new cv axles. i had to drive it on a jack down the street. thank god the family wasnt in with me and we got out on the highway. all is repaired and install was very simple. though i have the tools i shoulda known the best tool was this website. if i woulda typed it in i woulda knew right then not to do it. i did find out my hopping its not the frontend at all. though the cv angle caused some the hopping is in back im thinking pinion angle because the pinion has no play and neither does the U joint. its strange. it comes and goes to. the whole ass end of the truck starts hoppin at 45 and quits round 52 or so.
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    OMG! I have heard it all. I have to agree with tbplus10! If you have a truck with cv's........Remember thats what holds the front wheels together. You drove down the street on a jack! That I woulda LOVED to have seen! PRICELESS!!!!!!!

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