94 z71 wont go into 4x4

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by superchevy5.7, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. superchevy5.7

    superchevy5.7 New Member

    I have 94 k1500 z71 its got 350 5.7 and 5 SPD manual transmission. Its got manual shift four wheel drive and when I put it into 4 high it will not indicate nor will it go into 4 wheel drive and it will just spin the rear wheels. I pulled the actuator out of the front differential and with the key on engine off the actuator does not move. I checked the wire harness to the actuator with an volt meter and it reads no volts. By that it would indicate that the 4 wheel drive switch on the transfer case is bad. But if I put the truck into 4 low it goes in and the 4 low does work yet it shows no indication on the indicator that it is in 4 low. It doesn't make sense that it goes into 4 low but now 4 high, does that mean the the transfer case switch is bad or is there some other problem at hand? Please feel free to give me and clues or ideas as to what my problem is thank's in advance , Nick.
  2. k.orlowski

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    does it make any grinding noises when you try to move the truck after shifting into 4h or 4L? or both? i only ask because if its in one range or another or both that can usually tell you were to look. but first start with checking the vacuum line near the actuator for cracks

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