95 1500 w/t starts & stalls immediately.

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Dgbebop, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Dgbebop

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    Hello everyone. Happy holidays. New lister here.

    Have a 6cyl with 176k on it. Been running great for several years. The other day while warm the idle dropped immediately after startup & it stalled (I was on an incline if that has any value). Rolled to level ground, tried again, ran fine, made it home. Happened again a couple of times but was able to get it going by increasing throttle. Then that didn't work anymore. Ran for 2 seconds and stalled. Now it stalls immediately. I assume it is getting fuel and spark but I don't know how to check so... Wondering if this has happened to anyone else out here and if there is a way for me to get it going again.


  2. ntbush83

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    I did have a problem once with my truck stalling that came out of nowhere. I cleaned the intake of the throttle body and the mass airflow sensor each with proper cleaning fluid and never had a problem since! Just an easy thing to try. Also check fuel filter.
  3. Dgbebop

    Dgbebop New Member

    Thanks. I will try next week & post results.
  4. dipstick

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    Is yours 4.3 vortec ? Or throttle body injection? had both in 95. late 95,s were vortec but still had obd1 diagnostics .gm adjusting to obd11
    I would check fuel pressure .. sounds like fuel pump.
  5. Dgbebop

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    Feul pump occurred to me too. Not sure how to check it though.

    Embarrassingly I'm not sure which engine either. I'm not with the truck right now but I'll take a closer look in a couple days. I can tell you that it has a classic circular air filter on top if that helps. What's the easiest way to tell? Anything a know not like me should look for? It's obviously all new to me. But I'm interested!

    Appreciate the advice. Best for the holidays.

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    Looked at some photos on web. My guess is tbi. FYI. Thnx.

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