'95 7.4l pulling issues?

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by LORNE HUTTER, May 10, 2017.

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    Contrary to what many performance loving guys think today more output is not the reason some guys replace fuel injection with a carb. The real reason is ease of tuning. Fuel injection requires lots more equipment to tune than carbs. With carbs a tune set of assorted jets and a screwdriver and you're set. Fuel injection will get you more power and better mileage than a carb every time. But it costs more to tune FI than it does a carb.

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    The 5.3's not a bad engine. My personal issue with them is the fact that the maximum torque/hp readings show up well outside the range that I would normally operate.

    The TBI heads do suck. That's part of why they introduced the Vortec roller cam engine.

    If you truly want to put a carb on, that's fine. You have a challenge on you hands because you have to control the transmission properly and deal with a new return style fuel regulator that will keep the pressure down below 6psi.

    Making more power with no computer tuning can be done with long tube headers, dual exhaust, and a Melling MTC-1 cam in the 350. Edelbrock makes a better manifold that will adapt TBI to Vortec heads. The MTC-1 adds horsepower and torque where you need it. You will notice it right away. I have used one on both of my TBI engines. Idle to 3000 is where most of the work is done and this cam does well.

    Going this route with a TBI with stock tuning is about as simple as FI gets.

    I agree with Ted in that going the carburetor path doesn't require extra electronic tooling. I am not so blessed with a lot of carb experience so I'm a little more swayed to stick with TBI.

    Lorne, making the swap from a 7.4 to the 5.7 should be relatively smooth with the automatic transmissions. I have a manual and they did not change computer types from 1994 to 1995 for the small block V-8. The 4.3 and 7.4 manual trucks have the same newer style computer as the automatics and they just put in a different chip.

    I can tell you from experience the change in camshafts from the stock cam in the 5.7 to using a Melling was a very noticeable difference. I did no tuning at all.

    My situation the first time was the stock engine in my '94 K2500 could not pull a 16 foot horse trailer up a hill without backing down into third gear. After replacing the engine with one that had a Melling camshaft and shortie headers I was able to pull the same trailer up the same grade in overdrive. (NV4500 transmission)

    Torque is what gets the load moving and for me it worked very well.
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    Shortie headers will keep more torque at lower rpms than long tubes. Long tubes sacrifice power under 3000 rpm and move it to the upper rpm ranges where it's almost never used. Stock 5.3 manifolds work better towing than long tubes.

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    Maybe that's why mine did so well. I did put shorties on mine. The long tube thought drifted in from what I thought was a reliable source. Thanks, Ted.

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    Ok, thanks for all the responses guys. We're on a fixed income, so i was hoping to get a little more out of what I have without having to throw too much money at it. Doesn't sound too promising at this point. Headers would be inexpensive, but add to that heads or a complete engine, it all starts getting pretty pricey. On the high side, it does sound like it's basically doing what would be expected of it, so a radiator, headers and lightening the load as much as possible will be the next steps.

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    Good choice when you're on a tight budget.

    I don't have the gumption to remove all the stuff I think I'm going to need for a breakdown while towing. It stays in the truck's crossbed toolbox. Things like a highlift jack, a six ton hydraulic jack, 1/2" 24" breaker bar and sockets, logging chain, etc., etc. Probably 2 - 3 hundred pounds of equipment that drags my mileage down.

    But I'm sure if I loaded and unloaded that gear when trailering or not there would surely be something Murphy would hide from me when loading. I wouldn't have it when I needed it.

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