'95 chevy suburban cowboy conversion.

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    Conversion trucks and vans arent just a Texas thing, their popular throughout the south. There arent very many conversion companies left in buisness anymore.
    Most conversion vans/trucks are purchased through a manufacturers dealership (GM, Ford, Chrysler) from a regional conversion company.
    You can normally add on anywhere from $5k to $10k to the trucks basic price, but that depends on whats added in the conversion and the price can get higher.
    Southern Comfort http://www.mcmvehicles.com/ is one of the few left in buisness that sells full conversions.
    Southern Comfort Auto Parts (I dont think their related) still sells parts for conversions http://www.southerncomfortautoparts.com/ They have access to parts for most conversion manufacturers, even some now out of buisness.
    At one time there were about 5 different companies selling a "Cowboy Conversion" so you'd probably have to look through your truck to see if theres any placards or paperwork left behind to indicate which company built it.
    Some of the better known names that built Cowboy Conversions were Regency (out of buisness now) and StarCraft.
    Even though these trucks/vans were sometimes double the cost new the resale on them didnt hold well and they normally sell at the same price as an un modified vehicle of the same material condition/mileage.
    An enterprising truck/Van owner with the skills to do wood and fiberglass work could buy all the parts needed to do a conversion at a local auto audio shop and Home Depot.
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    Exactly! I am hoping that my posts didn't mislead anyone, as I never intended it to sound like conversion vehicles were only from Texas. My aunt in WI had a conversion van in the 1980's that had a bed in the back, window blinds, tv, vcr, and all sorts of wood paneling. They can be found all over the country!

    I remember seeing a couple of the manufacturing headquarters located off one of the major highways when I would take trips. You'd see rows of vehicles with the custom paint jobs, sunroofs and running boards. Vans would have custom windows installed on the sides and the vehicles would usually have some sort of aftermarket wheels. As tbplus10 pointed out, they don't hold their value any better than an average model.
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    I remember traveling the country as a kid in my folks 1977 Chevy Rockwood Conversion Van. It had four captains chairs and a u shaped couch in the back. There was green shag carpeting on the floor and the walls with a white glittery headliner. Totally 70s discotastic!
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    You guys gotta stop.... Your showing your age... LOL Most of the wood things you can find in a JC Whitney Catalog If you can find one of those..
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    JC Whitney catalog, look who's showing their age, I didnt think anybody shopped from a catalog anymore. LOL
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    Buddy of mine had one of these a few years ago. Looked just like this, even the carpet.


    TOCCHET New Member

    i wasn't trying to imply that it was a texas thing,seemed that some knew what it was and others didn't,i have the 4 captian chairs,the map lights and rope lighting as well,none of the tv type stuff.not sure as to what company did mine,they were out of arlington tx.
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    FYI, if you like the stuff JC Whitney offers, they give regular coupon codes to people on their email list.
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    DSCN1768.jpg here is a picture of 1995 Chevy 1500K "Cowboy Conversion". as stated in another post the conversion was done by a shop in Texas, the truck belongs to my father. Cowboy's colors was an option I have seen others only with a green and silver. Captains chairs up front, tinted windows extended cab. truck still looks good @ 150K on the miles. hope this helps, sorry no interior pictures.
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    I'm sure that it would make a 'slight' difference, but probably not enough to notice.

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