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    Alright ive got a 95 k1500 z71 im sure yall already know this 350 tbi. i want to start gettin some performance and unleash that true potential thats hidden. i was thinkin about vortec heads and maybe a small cam along with headers. what do yall suggest? if i do vortec heads what will i have to i have to do to my intake manifold and will i need to do work to my fuel system (injectors, fuel systems, etc) also what do yall recommend for my tranny i know it wont hold up if i dothis
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    Cant answer all the questions because i never did a vortec conversion on a 350 tbi. First and cheapest to add some power is a throttle body spacer. A TBI is what they were meant for and are most effective on. As for your tranny you probably have the 700R4. It will hold up to a Vortec upgrade. A 700R4 was used in Corvettes. A Vortec Swap isnt going to be that much more on the tranny. Unless you have a god awful amount of miles on it and beat the hell out of it you will be fine.
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    Welcome to the site...

    I can appreciate your enthusiasm.

    In order for us to best help you, we will really need to know a few things:

    -- What is under the hood now? 4.8L, 5.3L, 5,7L, etc.
    -- How many miles?
    -- What is your budget ($50, $500, or $5000)?
    -- You willing to bust a knuckle or letting the pro's do the work?

    There is a great deal of knowledge and talent here, so take advantage.

    Research is a valuable tool.

    Many of the questions you have may have already been addressed here at one time or another. Utilizing the search feature will give you a better idea of which direction you want to go in for your project.

    Again, welcome, enjoy, live long and prosper...

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