'95 K1500 Suburban CV axle change procedures

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Breadfan, Sep 19, 2007.

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    Hello all, new to this forum, been lurking for a while, seems like a nice community you all have here! Been running some searches trying to get some more info on the front CV axle halfshafts on a 4x4 1500 Suburban ('95).

    Truck has 160,000 miles and the half shafts are clunking, going to change them out but wondering if the front diff needs to be opened up to do this job - are there any C-clips?

    My initial impression is that the job will require pulling the hubs and then taking out the half shafts.

    Is there anything extra I should know about? Will they pop out of the front diff and the new ones go in without dropping the diff or opening the cover?

    Anyone have some recommended procedures or pitfalls to look out for?

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    I haven't had to replace those yet. Here is a similar post at FSC that has pictures. It is for replacing a broken half shaft, but might help.
  3. Breadfan

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    Thanks that was pretty helpful. It looks like the CV joint is bolted to the transfer case outputs so they are simply unbolted there, no opening the case or anything. The hub has to come off to get the other end out, but looking at those pics it almost looks like if you take the transfer case side off first it may be possible to slide it out from the hub's backside...

    I'll have to crawl underneath this weekend and get a look on the '95 see the setup.
  4. Breadfan

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  5. Breadfan

    Breadfan New Member

    My CV alxes should be here by the end of the week, I am hoping to install them this weekend - I'll let you all know how it goes, and will try to snap some pics.

    I got the axles I linked above, I was surprised these did not have a core charge, which was kinda nice, hopefully the quality is good enough for this app.

    Hopefully they can be removed by turning the wheel to get the clearance to drop them out the back, otherwise I think the manual says you may have to seperate the spindle from the upper balljoint for the room to remove them, I will have to review that procedure to be sure but will be trying it a few different ways to find the best/easiest approach.
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