95 s-10 blazer HELP!

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    i was running the truck first time in four years it was running good a little high rev but good then it started to run ruff then died now there is a weird kinda of buzzing noise in the dash. The truck will not start. It doesnt even crank. only power is to the radio i checked all fuses and charged the battery. Any ideas how to fix???
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    darkness-lies- gave the truck to me in exchange for me helping him fix and clean his Nissan Sentra. I found a loose wire in the engine bay within an hour and shes up and running again!!!!!!

    Darkness-lies- had figured it out it was a loose wire, but couldnt find it.

    It needs:
    Fresh Gas
    Oil Change
    Radiator either patched or replaced
    New Coolant
    New Tires
    All Around Grease
    A good scrub

    Looking forward to using this truck more once I get it all fixed up.
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    I was going to suggest fresh gas, then I read where you found the problem. Good job, have fun.

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