95 S10 4.6 TBI, ECM blew

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  1. Alkali25

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    Hello, New to the forums and wondering if anyone could help me narrow down my issue. I have a 95 s10 4.3 TBI 2wd. The ECM Fuse recently blew, Ever since replacing the fuse my truck idles very rough from 300-1,200 RPM and sometimes gets stuck at RPMS. I have to floor it in order for it to react, then it will jump to about 5k and idle back down. If I try to drive it the ECM blows randomly I have went through 3 fuses attempting so.

    I have never had this issue until that ECM fuse blew. The only 3 things that specific ECM runs/protects is the Computer, Oil Pressure Reg and Fuel pump (So I been told). I have replaced the computer, Unplugged the Oil press reg made no difference. I replaced mass air sensor, Air/Fuel Sensor, EGR Valve gasket, Fuel Filter Cheap things in hopes it would fix it but same results. I'm thinking it's the fuel pump but, I am no mechanic and would like some other opinions before replacing anything else.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. silveradotrailblazer

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    Welcome to the club. Have you scanned the truck for codes?? Have you checked fuel pressure ?? Can you see fuel coming out of the injectors??
  3. Alkali25

    Alkali25 New Member

    Thank You, I haven't taken the injectors out to see. The Check Engine light isn't on, Should I still Scan for codes? I don't have a gauge to check the fuel pressure. I think AutoZone rents them out? If so, I will pick one up here shortly and check it.
  4. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    When you go to AutoZone have them scan for codes. I've seen where check engine lights don't work.
  5. Alkali25

    Alkali25 New Member

    The truck wont make it to AutoZone the ECM fuse will blow again. Perhaps they rent/loan those as well. I will find out and report back results.
  6. Revredneck

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    You need to find out what is causing the fuse to blow. Start it up and begin to tug and wiggle on the wiring harness on and around the engine. When you find the one with the bad wire, it will blow the fuse, then you'll know where to begin looking. I'll bet you have a worn spot on the wiring, causing a short to ground. Usually a bit of tape and perhaps re-routing the harness to keep it from chafing will be all you need to do.
    Good Luck and God Bless
  7. I have a 1989 blazer and mine also blew the fuse to ECM it's because the ECM is bad.. My service engine soon light was on I tested for the codes and it wouldn't link to computer said no code available and remained on and yesterday I was driving I shut it off to go in store came out and it never started again so I took ecm out and smelled it and shook it it smelled like burnt plastic and sounds like it has sand and rocks in it although its a air tight unit
  8. seffieldvillage@aol.com

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    Revredneck has the right idea!!

    This definately sounds like a shorted wire, or especially a ground. The only way to truly check is a continuity test.
  9. Gramps43

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    Nice Rado Seffieldvillage I had one like it, unmoded, for to days but then decided we didn't need another payment. My wife works for a used car dealer and had done the deal as a surprise, so I surprise her when I gave it back. There days when kick myself but hey the S10 runs good and will look good when I get done.

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