95 Silverado 350 dying intermittently at stop signs or lights

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by MauryFrench, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Pikey

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    I wonder if you are having a torque converter lock up issue. That would explain the stalling when stopping and the odd shift on the highway
  2. MauryFrench

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    Thanks. Now you say a slight adjustment. At 35 bucks or so shouldn't I just replace it? Did you replace yours, or were you able to adjust it?

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    Oh my lord I hope not! I believe a torque converter replacement would be well beyond my puny scope of abilities and the repair cost borders on the value of the truck! But, I will ask my mechanic about that if the TPS change doesn't fix it.




    HANX TANX New Member

    Hi Maury. I did not replace the T.P.S IT literally gets a turn clockwise to take up the slack on the throttle allowing more gas in at idle
  4. MauryFrench

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    Mr. Tanx. I replaced the TPS as I did not understand what you were saying. It ran fine for a few miles, and now the truck is worse that it has been since the beginning of this ordeal. I barely got it back into the driveway. I will do some research on adjusting the TPS but let me ask. Did you turn something in the sensor or did you turn the connector in the throttle body?

    And even then, you said that would give it more gas at idle. How about acceleration? I had to coast it home at a high idle because it would choke up (I guess choke is the wrong word but I can't think of a better one) when I accelerate. Anyone else?

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    Slight update; based on another thread at this sight I learned how to read the ODB1 codes in my 95 with a paperclip. I feel pretty cocky. BUT, the only code i got was the following:
    [TABLE="width: 90%, align: center"]
    [TD]Coolant temperature sensor signal indicates a temperature colder than -27° F for 30 seconds after the engine has been running for at least 30 seconds.[/TD]

    I changed the temperature sensor that is down between plugs one and two at someone elses suggestion. Now we know Dallas Texas has never even seen -27 degrees, F or C! Can this still be causing the issues listed above? I doubt it, but want to check.

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